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People are always puzzled when I say that one of the things I love about Brussels is that it’s so easy to leave it and travel to other lovely destinations nearby. I’ve surely enjoyed this privilege by visiting beautiful cities like Lille, Ghent, Bruges, Triberg, Chantilly, Strasbourg.. the list goes on! But on a recent roadtrip to the Netherlands my first stop was something I’ve been waiting forever to see: the Keukenhof garden in Lisse, home to millions of tulips. We’re talking about Holland, the capital of tulips after all!

Keukenhof, which means ”kitchen garden” in Dutch, used to be a source of herbs for the Countess of the castle of Hainaut back in the day. Nowadays, the park is the world’s largest flower garden and of the best places you can visit come spring. Think of a sea of colorful flowers, lakes, windmills and pavilions hosting flower shows.

We strolled for miles exploring all the different types of gardens (including a Japanese one which is my second favourite in Europe after the one in Hasselt), but I literally fell in love with the tulip and orchid shows. I could spend days just looking and taking pictures of the beautiful flowers (my friends know that’s no lie!).

The park is open for a limited amount of time from mid-March to mid-May, but April is supposed to be the best month to go since the gardens have fully blossomed. Now, I know we can’t really rely on North European weather, but I would say that you should maybe schedule your visit a bit later than that. Flowers weren’t in full bloom on our visit, but this didn’t stop us from enjoying our visit to the fullest. I leave you with lots of pictures so that you take it all in – enjoy!!

Address: Stationsweg 166-A, 2161 AM Lisse, The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 2 52465 555
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