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You know how sometimes you end up loving a place just because it brings back great memories? This is the case with Triberg in Germany. A while ago some of my most beloved friends and I visited Strasbourg and decided to take a short trip to this quaint little village in Baden-Württemberg.

Nestled in the middle of the Black Forest, Triberg is very green and picturesque with over 5000 inhabitants. Despite its small size, the town is famous for a handful of things, including its beautiful waterfalls in the Gutach River that are among the tallest in Germany, the world’s biggest cuckoo clock as well as the original Black Forest cake recipe (you should definitely have a slice at this cafe by the way – still dreaming about it!). 

The waterfalls are just a short walk from the town square, so as soon as we arrived we headed straight to the entrance for a hike in the forest. As we followed the paved trail from one section to another, I couldn’t help but stop every now and then to admire the wild waters and take pictures. And then the rain came. I’m usually one to complain when the weather is cold and rainy but this time I didn’t mind (or nag!) at all. The misty air and scent of wet soil only only added to the magic of the nature and made the whole experience feel mystical.

Once we reached the highest point, we kept on wandering a bit deeper into the woods and reached a spot overlooking the rooftops of Triberg. So peaceful and full of beauty – definitely a place to remember and return to some time really soon I hope. 

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