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Lille is a lovely city in Northern France just a hop, skip and a short ride away from Brussels. It’s small, littered with beautiful buildings and its Old Town is like a fairytale. Did I mention that Meert, one of my favourite pastry shops, is also located there? True, they also have a branch in Brussels but it’s much smaller than its big bro. The stunning museum of La Piscine in Roubaix is also really close, so there’s always a new exhibition to visit.

A couple of weeks back I took a day trip there with my mum. I know she loves travelling, architecture and opulent tea rooms, so it was the perfect opportunity to spoil her! It was one of those rare occasions where we didn’t really have a plan and just let the city take us around. After satisfying our sweet tooth at Meert, we strolled around the cobbled streets chatting and popping into cute shops that caught our eye until late in the evening. A day full of laughter, sumptuous desserts, a bit of shopping and lots of love. A bientôt, Lille! You’re always a beauty!

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