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When I first visited Lille a few years ago, I made sure to indulge in all the foodie treats the city has to offer. And no visit to this beautiful city is complete without a stop at Meert, especially if you have a major sweet tooth like me.

Located in the heart of the city, the historical tea room – pastry shop dates back to 1761 and has been frequented by King Léopold I and Charles de Gaulle who actually grew up in Lille. Meert boasts a reputation for making some of the best waffles you can possibly try. Their iconic “gaufres” are thin and chewy little waffles filled with a creamy, sweet filling – Madagascan vanilla (the classic one) or seasonal ingredients, such as rhum raisin, speculoos cream, blackberry or Séchouan pepper (the so-called “EphéMeert”).

And although I find the gaufres at Meert a little too sweet for my taste, I can ever resist the sumptuous desserts which you can either take away or enjoy at the maison’s opulent tea room. I actually love the space and always make sure to treat myself to a cake (or two!) in the premises. The outdoor patio on a sunny day is pure bliss! I can already tell you it will be hard to choose just one but whatever you go for, it’s certain that you’ll enjoy every mouthful. Just make sure to arrive off peak times and have a bit of patience. There always seems to be a small queue but the experience at Meert is worth waiting for!

Address: Rue Esquermoise 27, 59800 Lille, France
Telephone: +33 3 20570744
Website / Facebook page

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