Welcome to my world!

I am Sandy, a lawyer by day and blogger by night who has recently relocated to my homeland Greece after living abroad for over a decade! I am an avid foodie, art lover and very passionate about travelling and photography. Having lived in different cities around Europe over the years, including Athens, Brussels, the Hague, London and Paris, I love discovering new spots, trying different flavours and capturing all those little things that make life beautiful with my camera.


I often get asked how S Marks The Spots was born and what its name signifies. If you are curious too, keep on reading!

You know how they say that Brussels is a boring capital? Well, when I first landed in Belgium I was one of those people. I would always somehow end up in the same places and kept comparing Brussels with Paris or London, where dining options seem countless. So, I decided to take action and quickly realized that our little EU capital is full of gems waiting to be discovered! 

After playing tourist in my own city for a few months, I created S Marks The Spots without knowing much about photography, coding or social media strategy. What started as a personal creative outlet evolved over the years into an ever-growing treasure map documenting my trips, foodie escapades and other great finds in Athens, Brussels, London, Paris and beyond – hence the name.

I am constantly looking for new places to explore and am happy to respond to any questions you may have, so feel free to drop me a line at – I do love hearing from you! For more updates on the blog and what I’m up to, follow me on Instagram


Below a few examples on S Marks The Spots’ recent press features.


Keeping S Marks The Spots as honest and authentic as possible is really important to me, so all meals, travels and products I mention are paid by yours truly. In case I get invited to review a new spot or try a new experience, I always mention I was a guest and share my honest opinion. I also work with a few affiliate companies which pay a very small percentage of their profit every time someone clicks or buys something via a link they found on the website. It is my principle to only write about places or things I have tried, enjoyed and feel my readers would be interested in, so you will never see on the blog any recommendations about products, services or places I do not genuinely like.