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Ever since my recent trip to Brittany in France, I have been craving the delicious “galettes bretonnes” that I got to taste there. What’s the difference between a galette and a crêpe, you might ask? Well, a galette bretonne is a savoury buckwheat flour pancake while a crêpe is wheat flour pancake smaller in size and served with a sweet filling.

Luckily, I don’t need to travel all the way back to France to get my hands on those local delicacies. In the heart of Chatelain in Brussels, where the famous market takes place, there’s West End, a charming creperie that serves delicious galettes and crepes just like the ones you get in Brittany. The space is light, decorated in a simple, modern way and there’s a little terrace in the back for sunny days. But the real star is the food: thin, crispy crêpes made with quality ingredients, like free range eggs, bio flour and organic vegetables. On my visit I had a glass of cider, a savoury galette with egg, ham, cheddar cheese and leeks and a sweet crêpe with homemade salted butter caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream (altogether at 20€), which left me full and pretty happy. I also hear that from time to time West End serves oysters from Brittany (tried, tested and approved!) which gives me an excellent excuse to go back for more. 

If you happen to be around Chatelain, West End is a great spot to enjoy good crêpes with your family, a quick lunch (there’s a special lunch menu on weekdays) or brunch à la bretonne during the weekend.

Address: Rue Américaine 91, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium

*UPDATE: Unfortunately, West End is now closed.*

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