Brussels may be a small city compared to other European capitals but it is full of great options when it comes to brunch. Having already shared with you my favourite brunch spots in town, I thought it would come in handy to put together a complete Brunch Guide of Brussels that brings together all those great spots.

I have broken down all the restaurants by postcode / area and left a few comments per venue, so hopefully it will be easy peasy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. There’s also a map right at the end of the post, so keep scrolling. My list is going to be updated on a regular basis, so make sure to return for more.

Keep also an eye for Brunch Stories, the thematic brunch events I am co-organizing. Happy brunching!


location_mark_smarksthespots_blogAround Dansaert and Sainte Catherine…


  • Noordzee – Mer du Nord: Exchange eggs and croissants for a standing brunch of fresh seafood and champagne in beautiful Sainte-Catherine. A beloved Brussels tradition among locals and an original experience for visitors.
  • Peck 47: Here you can find brunch dishes, healthy smoothies and delicious cakes all day long. Lovely staff, cozy atmosphere and just a stone’s throw from the Grand Place!

location_mark_smarksthespots_blogAround Sablon and the Marolles…


  • L’Arriere Pays: Tucked between the and the Marolles, this place feels very Parisian and has one of the most beautiful terraces in Brussels. Brunch is available both on Saturdays and Sundays and includes a set menu with all the usual suspects, i.e. coffee, eggs, fresh juice, muesli etc. for 20€.
  • L’Atelier en Ville: A very hip cafe – furniture shop with industrial interior and a beautiful hidden garden in the back. If you’re looking for a quiet place to enjoy a bagel and a slice of cake, check it out.
  • Le Perroquet: This beautiful Art Nouveau cafe is just a short walk away from Le Petit Sablon and serves the best pitas in town. A good choice for a casual and affordable meal. On warm days everybody’s trying to get a spot on their terrace to soak up the sun.
  • Les Ateliers des Tanneurs: This spot hosts a wonderful organic market and a restaurant where you can enjoy a brunch buffet for 25€.  One of the most well kept secrets in Brussels that is worth discovering!
  • Pin Pon: A modern cafe overlooking the Place du Jeu de Balle where the famous flea market takes place with one of my favourite terrases in the back. The menu changes on a weekly menu but the eggs with truffle and grey shrimp are a staple and a must try!
  • Pistolet Original: Super cute deli that focuses on all things Belgian. Here you’ll find the traditional pistolets (small round bread buns) filled with Belgian gourmet ingredients. The brunch options include a French toast version of the pistolet and spreads from Pierre Marcolini and Maison Dandoy.

location_mark_smarksthespots_blogAround Louise and Porte de Namur…


  • Belga & CoThis cafe is one of those places that work very well on different occasions: coffee with friends, working on your laptop, a quick break between shopping or a little snack if you’re hungry. No wonder why people love it and it seems to be always full, especially on Sundays.
  • Gazzetta: How about a brunch with Italian flavour? This smart deli offers a set menu (16€) which includes a warm beverage, fresh orange juice, yoghurt and muesli, fruit salad, mini viennoiseries or toasted bread with jam and eggs.
  • Cafe de la Presse: One of the “it” cafes in Brussels and the big bro of the Cafe du Sablon, this place gets packed during weekend so you have to be armed with patience. The brunch is buffet-style (you get to choose which of the available options you prefer and the staff prepare your dish) and costs 16€.
  • ChylHoused in a beautifully renovated town house, Chyl is a sustainable bio shop, café and beauty corner. The brunch is healthy and full of flavour – do try the avocado toast!
  • Etiquette: Brunch in one of the best wine bars in Brussels? Yep, it’s possible! Just opposite the beautiful Abbaye de la Cambre, you can find a brunch buffet on Sundays (11:00-15:00) for €17.
  • Fourchette à Bicyclette: A cozy little place for those who love to eat healthy that serves brunch on Saturdays. It’s delicious, original and suitable for people with dietary restrictions. Just make sure to reserve in advance! 
  • Jat Cafe: A pretty cafe between Porte de Namur and Sablon where you can indulge in bagels, cakes and a good selection of coffee. Brunch is available during weekends until 15:00 and includes fresh juice, coffee, eggs with bacon or salmon, viennoiseries and fruit salad or yoghurt for 14€.
  • La Fabrique en Ville: Hidden in the Egmont park behind The Hotel, the second branch of La Fabrique has an irresistible location and spacious sunny terrace. During weekends (10:30 – 16:00) an open brunch buffet is available for 29€. A great brunch spot and definitely one of my favourite ones in Brussels!
  • Musical Instruments Museum (MIM): Looking for brunch with a view? On Sundays (10:00 – 15:00) an all-you-can-eat buffet is available on the top floor of this magnificent Art Nouveau building. The food is decent albeit pricey (29€ including a glass of champagne) and the view gorgeous but the staff’s friendliness and efficiency is an issue. 

location_mark_smarksthespots_blogAround Schuman…

  • Living Room Design & Eatery: This lovely concept store combines beautiful design objects and delicious foodie treats in a modern and relaxing environment just steps away from Leopold park. Brunch à la carte is served every weekend and there’s a brunch buffet coming soon, so watch this space!


location_mark_smarksthespots_blogAround Avenue Louise and Saint Boniface…


  • God Save The Cream: If you love all things British, make sure to stop by this cute little cafe close to Place Stephanie. A brunch menu full of sweet and savoury foodie treats is served every Saturday and costs 25€. 
  • L’Amour Fou: This spot is the Belgian version of an American diner, only a slightly healthier one! Apart from pastrami sandwiches you can also find pancakes, salads, wraps and a special brunch menu.  
  • Little Tokyo: If you’re keen on trying a more original brunch with Asian-inspired flavours, try this place. There’s an all-you-can-eat buffet and a lovely terrace too.
  • Workshop Cafe: A relaxed cafe with free wifi and international press that has become a favourite spot amongst the locals. Brunch is served on Sundays: scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, salad, viennoiseries and a juice for 12€. 

location_mark_smarksthespots_blogAround Chatelain and Brugmann…


  • BaBa Bagel Bakery: Here you can find authentic American bagels. The brunch combo (20€) includes a sandwich, a small salad, a toasted bagels with butter and the spread of your choice, a pastry, fresh juice and a warm beverage.  
  • Chez Franz: This spot is well-known for its spacious sunny terrace. During the weekend (10:00-16:00) you can choose between their 5 brunch menus depending on your appetite: small (6€), light (12€), medium (12€), oriental (15€) and big (18€).
  • Garage a Manger: An old mechanical workshop turned into a family-friendly restaurant close to Tenbosch park. Brunch is available during the weekend 11:00-15:00 and includes an all-you-can-eat buffet, a warm beverage, freshly squeezed orange juice for 24€. 
  • ICI: This lovely bio cantine strikes perfectly the balance between healthy and indulgent food. Sundays are dedicated to brunch, where you can opt either for the big (23€) or small (15€) set menu. Excellent value for money and a nice terrace to soak up the sun on warm days. 
  • La Grainerie: Vegans in Brussels now have their go-to brunch spot! The food at La Grainerie is simple yet nourishing and creative. There are very few tables, so reserve in advance and enjoy a super healthy meal.
  • Le Fils a Maman: A fun restaurant also known for its burgers with a really nice terrace. The brunch menu is served on Sundays 11:300 – 15:00 and includes  as well as a warm drink, viennoiseries and nutela, fresh juice or a homemade smoothie, a savoury dish and a dessert of your choice (23€) or just a savoury dish at 14€. 
  • Lulu Home Interior: Looking for a rich English breakfast or a super cute cafe? Then check out Lulu and you won’t be disappointed. You may actually be tempted to buy a few furniture too – don’t say I didn’t warn you!

location_mark_smarksthespots_blogAround Flagey…


  • Bon Jour Bruxelles: If you’re up for cooking with a fun group, then keep an eye on the Sunday brunches organized at this beautiful co-working space. The end result is delicious and highly rewarding!
  • Cafe Belga: A Brussels institution that needs no introduction amongst the locals. Great for a laid back coffee, a croissant or a croque. During the weekends you can take a stroll around the Flagey market which takes place just a few steps further.
  • Comptoir Rodin: When you combine beautiful interiors with Middle-eastern fusion flavours, you know you cant go wrong! Brunch is served in both Saturday and Sunday and consists of a plentiful all-you-can-eat buffet, a warm and a cold beverage. Great spot for families or a group of friends. 
  • La Petite Production: A little warm eatery where you’ll enjoy simple but delicious dishes made from ingredients that come from small Belgian producers. The great coffee is another reason to go, especially if you are a fan of My Little Cup!
  • Le Petit Canon: Another favourite spot amongst the locals, this place is one of the best wine bars in Brussels. On Saturdays, you can order brunch à la carte (eggs, viennoiseries, muffins, French toast, croques, etc.) at very reasonable prices. 
  • Les Super Filles du Tram: Mostly famous for making some of the best burgers in Brussels, this spot also offers brunch on Sundays (11:00 – 17:00) which includes both set menus and à la carte options. I always go for the burger brunch, which is the best of both worlds!
  • Pastelaria Garcia: One of the best Portuguese cafes in Brussels (the other being Forcado)! If you’re craving pasteis de nata and other Portuguese sweet and savoury treats, make sure to try this place.


  • APDM – Au Pays des Merveilles: A bagel wonderland! Here you can choose between a great number of bagels or other sweet treats like pancakes and cupcakes. Bonus points for their cute little terrace in the back.
  • Cipiace: In this little Italian cafe right on the Parvis, you’ll find an all-you-can eat buffet with coffee and a drink for 16€ on Sundays. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll also be able to grab a table in the terrace and enjoy it al fresco! 
  • Le Dillens: A typical Belgian cafe with a really nice terrace, where you can find 3 different brunch menus (cocotte, vegetarian and English) at 10€ each (no drinks included). A good option if you’re looking for something failry simple and within a budget. 
  • La Tricoterie: An old knitwear factory turned into a cultural centre – bio market that also offers brunch on Sundays (10:00 – 16:00). Choose between the small (7€) and big (16€) set menus or order one of their a la carte options. This place is a really good option for families as there are kids activities between 10:30 – 13:30.
  • Mammouth: Hidden in the Gare du Midi area, this little gem offers delicious healthy lunch and brunch from time to time. Keep an eye on their facebook page and reserve in advance.
  • Oma: This place is definitely one of the best brunch spots in town. Cute decor, friendly staff and an all-you-can-eat buffet plus a warm beverage for 17€.
  • Parlor Coffee: If you’re a coffee aficionado you probably know this place as it one of the best coffee spots in Brussels. Brunch is available throughout the week and includes eggs, delicious bagels and sumptuous desserts.
  • Prelude: This newish cafe offers a generous Sunday brunch (20€ without drinks – 24€ including a warm drink and fresh juice). On the menu eggs and an all-you-can-eat sweet and savoury buffet with granola, scones, pancakes and salad. Make sure to reserve in advance your slot (11:00 and 13:30) and enjoy!
  • SUP: A cute little soup and sandwich place, where you can enjoy brunch on Saturdays (11:00-15:00): a warm drink, fresh juice, a dessert and two savoury snacks (sandwich, soup or salad) for 14€.
  • The Wild Lab: The first ethical concept store in Brussels is part clothing shop and part restaurant where you can enjoy a vegetarian set menu (warm drink, fresh juice and a sweet and savoury option) for around 20€.


  • Brother & Sister: This cute tea room in Uccle organizes every other Sunday (11:30-15:00) a buffet brunch, which costs 25€ and includes a glass of champagne (no other beverages included).
  • Cook & Book: A bookworm’s paradise in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert! This beautiful bookstore – restaurant offers brunch between 11:30-15:30 on Sundays (22€). The spacious terrace is lovely during sunny days and ideal for families.
  • La Fabbrica: Weekends at this spot are dedicated to brunch and kids activities. A great choice for families in Tour & Taxis.
  • Les Trouvailles de Louise: A true gem in Schaerbeek. The space is small but really cozy and the brunch is excellent value for money. On Saturdays you can choose between several brunch menus while every first Sunday of the month there’s an all-you-can-eat brunch buffet at 15€. 
  • The Little Green Shop: A lovely tea room within a flower shop, this spot is great news for vegetarians as they offer a entirely veggie brunch buffet on Sundays for 15€ (without drinks). Well worth a visit to Forest for this place, if you ask me! 

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