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Having read rave reviews about Vini Divini and especially their apertitivo, I was really keen to try it out and see whether it was worth sharing another little gem here on the blog. After a less than nice experience, I was a bit sceptical about whether I should mention it as my intention is to keep this place a positive space and leave my angry comments for Foursquare. I finally decided to do so as I genuinely enjoyed certain aspects of my visit there, so here you go.

I made reservations three weeks in advance (!) for dinner at the old Vini Divini (apparently that was their one and only table available before June) and confirmed my reservation a couple of days before, as instructed. So far, so good. Upon arrival, we were told that there was no table for us and instead, we should go to the new venue at Le Berger – no apology, not even a hint of regret. I decided to keep a positive attitude and not let them ruin my evening, so we settled in the new space, which was fine otherwise, but lacked the character of the old one. The place was almost empty and the menu different from the small Vini Divini next door that everyone seems to love and I couldn’t wait to try. 

Leaving that incident aside, the atmosphere was relaxing, the decor had a lavish vintage feel and the food – although on the expensive side – was freshly made with good quality ingredients. We shared an antipasti platter, which was excellent, and then had fresh pasta with herb pesto, all washed down with great Italian wine.

Although I don’t see myself going back for a meal any time soon, I am thinking of trying the aperitivo some time in the future, maybe after making sure that Vini Divini treats paying customers the way it should.

Address: Rue du Berger 28, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 5108340
*UPDATE: Unfortunately, Vini Divini is now closed.*vini_divini_brussels_01 vini_divini_brussels_03 vini_divini_brussels_04 vini_divini_brussels_06 vini_divini_brussels_09 vini_divini_brussels_10 vini_divini_brussels_11

Sandy (@smarksthespots)