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Wednesday in Brussels can only mean one thing: food shopping and drinks at the Chatelain market! What if I told you that you can combine both with a cooking class by a top-notch chef and a fabulous dinner afterwards? I know, hard to resist!

Last week I got invited together with some fellow bloggers to try the cooking classes organised by Le Châtelain Boutique Hotel in Brussels and their executive chef Nicolas Gadomski. The hotel is strategically located just a few steps away from the Place du Chatelain where the famous farmers’ market takes place every Wednesday and is a great place to stay when you’re visiting. The new series of cooking courses is a very fun process: the participants are first given a shopping list and head to the market together with the chef in order to buy all the necessary ingredients for their dishes. Once they’ve got everything, they return to the hotel to cook all together one by one all the dishes on the menu.  

In our case things kicked off with welcome drinks, yummy amuse-bouches and blogging chit-chat with the rest of the group. After taking a tour around the hotel, which included the luxurious Ambassador Suites with stunning views over Brussels, we were ready for some shopping at the lively Chatelain market. Having picked our goodies with the chef’s help, who gave us tips on how to select la crème de la crème of fruits and veggies, we went back to the hotel’s kitchen for some action! Teams were formed and everybody started cooking.

Our appetizer was both innovative and extremely fun to make: foie gras coated in roasted sesame seeds and onion jam in candy floss accompanied by a glass of sweet white wine. I have to admit that making a good looking candy floss proved to me somewhat challenging for me (let’s say that my attempt did cause some giggles!) but in the end we all ended up happy with the result. After mastering this recipe, we moved on to the main course and dessert: scallops and red mullet fillet with butternut puree in carrot leaf soup and red fruit Charlotte, respectively. The chef allocated tasks and supervised the whole process but i really liked the fact that we were free to create and decorate our plate the way we wanted to. The best part? Once everything was done we got to enjoy the fruits of our labour over wine at the beautiful dinning room of the hotel.

The whole experience was entertaining, creative and the food was excellent. The cooking courses can be organised on Wednesdays for groups of 10-50 people for either lunch or dinner. I think the whole concept would work perfectly for a team building event with colleagues or a fun outing with friends!  

Address: Rue de Châtelain 17, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 6460055

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