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Dining al fresco is one of my absolute favourite things, so when I saw a photo of the beautiful garden of Zohos, I knew I had to try this spot. And luckily, the setting was just one of the aspects I loved about it!

The whole concept is based on a modern take on the Greek meze, so the menu consists of small dishes that can be easily shared within a group. This means you can try different flavours with a variety of ingredients from all around Greece – the more the merrier, as the saying goes! Bonus points to Zohos for following a “nose-to-tail” approach, meaning that there is minimal food waste. We were not shy about ordering an array of different dishes to try as many as possible and the verdict was unanimous: the home-made bread was really good, the cod croquettes with red pepper and roasted almonds were fantastic and so were the green phyllo parcels with pomegranate molasses dressing and aged garlic. 

The staff were kind enough to offer us some of their homemade ice cream, cantaloupe with cardamom, bergamot with mastiha and smoked sour cherry, and dessert wine to finish off our meal, which was a really nice touch. Service was very prompt, knowledgeable and friendly and only added to the whole relaxed atmosphere. I am normally somewhat hesitant towards hotel in-house restaurants but the Electra Palace Athens has done a really good job with this one!

Zohos would be great for a meal amongst friends, a romantic dinner with your better half or simply a Greek meal at a beautiful garden in the heart of Athens no matter the occasion. If you do try it, let me know how you liked it and do share your pictures with me with the #seemyathens hashtag on Instagram.

Address: Navarchou Nikodimou 18-20, 105 57 Athens, Greece 
Telephone: +30 210 3370035

Sandy (@smarksthespots)