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When Yeti opened its first branch in the centre of Brussels, everyone was raving about how cool this new spot looked and how delicious were the pancakes included in its brunch menu. Fast forward a few years later, Yeti has a second branch in Ixelles (exact location here) with a lovely garden and faithful clients who go back time and again for healthy food.

Tucked into a quiet pedestrian side street close to Brussels Stock Exchange, Yeti is colorful, bright and modern with ethnic details – a hint to the Indian influences of the menu. I actually love their lunch concept: naan (Indian flat bread) topped with different organic ingredients locally sourced for the most part. Kind of like pizza without cheese, in a nutshell. Tasty, filling and healthier than its Italian counterpart! It’s also quite interesting to watch the chef baking the dough in the clay oven, a process that you can watch from the open kitchen. My favourite naan is the “dating goat” (the name makes me smile every time I say it!) which comes topped with a spread of beetroot, dried figs, goat cheese, walnuts, prosciutto, rocket salad and mushrooms – so good!

Come Sunday, Yeti serves brunch which is essentially a standard menu with eggs (cooked as you like), homemade granola and yoghurt, the aforementioned famous pancakes, a muffin as well as coffee or tea. At first sight it doesn’t look like a lot of food, especially considering the hefty price, but it’s enough, at least for the ladies! Keep in mind though that Sundays are rather busy, so service can be a hit and miss and a reservation is required. Better be safe than sorry! 

If you’re looking for a nice lunch spot close to the Grand Place or eager to try something a bit more original, Yeti is a good option. And one last tip: on a sunny day, try to get one of the tables on the terrace which overlooks one of Brussels’ famous comic walls.  

Address: Rue de Bon-Secours 4, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 476 888594
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*UPDATE: Unfortunately, Yeti is now closed.*

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