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After general disappointment about the closure of Yamato, I was really glad to find out that our beloved little ramen spot has reopened under a different owner. I made my way back full of excitement – there are a few things that can make me happier on a cold day than a steaming bowl of ramen!

On my visit I was happy to see that the new Yamato has somehow managed to eliminate the queues. I mean, who wants to wait out in the cold, especially when they’re hungry?! As for the interior, it is more or less identical and feels like you’re in Japan for a minute: a round wooden bar seating no more than 12, Japanese mangas and newspapers, an open kitchen where the food is prepared and people eating religiously their bowl of ramen.

I quickly got seated and went for my favourite dish: miso ramen and some gyoza which I happily devoured before even thinking of taking a picture (bad blogging behaviour but in my defence, I was famished!). The menu is a little more compact that what it used to be what features all the classics. Having tried gyoza at different spots around town, like at Umamido, Kokuban, Takumi and Samourai Ramen, I am almost an expert by now and can confirm that Yamato’s are quite good. I could easily go for a second round as I was sipping my sake. What I was less impressed with was my ramen which was too oily and salty for my taste. The portion was generous but seemed to be lacking some of the usual toppings, like an soft-boiled egg or bean sprouts. Not sure I will come back for more.

I hope that the new owners will take note and improve over time as it would  be a pitty not to carry on the great reputation of Yamato. The staff are kind, the location is good, so all they need to do is find the right balance in terms of quality ingredients and flavour. 

Address: Rue Francart 11, 1050 Ixelles, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 511 02 00

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Sandy (@smarksthespots)