Weekends are the perfect time to sit back, relax and enjoy! And what better way to do that than discovering great recipes, exciting travel destinations, new restaurants and interesting articles? Once per month I’m sharing with you my favorite weekend reads from the blogsphere and beyond to keep you inspired. I’d love to hear yours, so do share!

 A couple of days ago I made for dinner this homemade pizza recipe and it turned out so good that I absolutely had to share it! If you’re too busy though, you can always buy some. The best pizza places I’ve spotted so far in Brussels are Pizza Momo and Pizza Saco. Any suggestions for London?

Belgians and foreigners love him alike. If you’re among those who have been secretly humming Stromae’s dance tunes lately, you may find interesting this NY Times article about Paul Van Haver’s (his real name) background.

♥ While you’re at it, you can pour yourself some tea and browse through the best choux in Paris, including bien sûr the beautiful éclairs from Eclair de Génie.

♥ Next stop: London! This video guides you through the best views of the city. My favourite spot is The Shard but I guess you already know that!

Hope you all have a great weekend! x


Sandy (@smarksthespots)