Weekends are the perfect time to sit back, relax and enjoy! And what better way to do that than discovering great recipes, exciting travel destinations, new restaurants and interesting articles? Once per month I’m sharing with you my favorite weekend reads from the blogsphere and beyond to keep you inspired. I’d love to hear yours so do share!

Summer has  not moved on in Brussels yet, so I can still dream about my  Greek vacation in Kythira and Mykonos.

No matter the weather I’m always more than happy to attend foodie events. Alison has put together a great list of the major food and drink festivals in Brussels. Have you been to any of them?

♥ Speaking of food, how gorgeous are these Belgian chocolate truffles?! 

♥ Every now and then I receive questions about cities around Brussels. If you’re wondering which are the best foodie spots in Leuven, follow Iris’ itinerary.

♥ Last but not least, I loved Brussels Food Friendspost about discovering new places through food. My travel guide to Ioannina in Greece is also featured, so feel free to have a look for some travel inspiration! 

Hope you all have a great weekend! x


Sandy (@smarksthespots)