Weekends are the perfect time to sit back, relax and enjoy! And what better way to do that than discovering great recipes, exciting travel destinations, new restaurants and interesting articles? Once per month I’m sharing with you my favorite weekend reads from the blogsphere and beyond to keep you inspired. I’d love to hear yours, so do share!

Paris is unique – so many places to see, so many great restaurants and cafes to try! I particularly like the way that Jamie’s video has captured the beauty of the City of Lights in just 15 seconds.

Latest culinary crush: this recipe of  cheese stuffed courgette flowers.

Since I talk a lot about indulgent food and dining experiences, I feel I need to stress how important it is to maintain a balance. I’m not a zero-size model (and between us, I wouldn’t wanna be one anyhow) but at the same time, I do want to look beautiful and be healthy. I strongly believe that eating smart is something one should learn as a kid, so family plays a crucial role in that respect. This NY Times article discusses the question of how to raise a healthy eater as a parent.

The other day I came across this great DIY decorating idea on Pinterest on how to use vintage picture frames as a vanity tray. Pretty, girly and costs next to nothing!

♥ Speaking of pretty things, I am a sucker for beautiful stationery. Thanks to this post I found out that Le Typographe, one my favourite spots specialising in letterpress and typography in Brussels has opened a store in Paris!

Hope you all have a great weekend! x


Sandy (@smarksthespots)