After teasing you with so many photos and videos on Instagram, I can finally share the vlog from my road trip in France and Spain. This holiday was a really exciting one since I got to visit so many different cities in a few days (like San Sebastian and Bayonne) and discover the Basque country for the first time. Every day was a new adventure that I didn’t want to end. As soon as we reached a new destination, we would turn at one another and say “Wow, this is the most beautiful by far!” only to look at each other a few hours later with more enthusiasm and agree that the next was even lovelier. 

I will share more pictures and spots on each city along with some tips on how to effectively plan in advance if you’re interested in following the same route but for now, I’ll let you watch this little video with a few highlights from the trip. This is the longest video I’ve created so far (for my previous attempts, check my channel on Vimeo), so I’m looking forward to hearing how you like it!

Sandy (@smarksthespots)