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Sainte Catherine is one of the top attractions for visitors in Brussels and a favourite meeting place for locals as it happens to bring together great restaurants and beautiful cafes. The area is also the place to be for seafood lovers with a number of options, including Vismet which is my personal favourite. What does Vismet mean you may ask? In the Flemish Brussels dialect vismet translates as “fish market” – a reference to the fact that the area used to be a covered fish market a long time ago. I was taken to Vismet by a friend of mine who literally adores this restaurant and as it turns out, he’s absolutely right!

The atmosphere is relaxed although it can get a bit noisy and the service efficient and friendly by Belgian standards. If you fancy watching all the action taking place behind the scenes, make sure you get seated close to the open kitchen. The menu features some classic dishes and daily specials depending on the season. The food is simple but really fresh and delicious. I always go for the very Belgian grey shrimp croquettes, which are amongst the best you can have in Brussels. Vismet is famous for its seafood, but there are also some meat options available. Mains normally come with salad and homemade fries (you are in Belgium after all!), so expect generous portions. Whatever you do though, leave some room for dessert. Baked figs with pistachio ice cream, poached orange with caramel and vanilla, millefeuille – the selection depends on the daily menu but you can’t go wrong anyway.

I can’t recommend Vismet enough. Ever since my first visit, I have been back time and again and have never been disappointed. Sure, it’s not cheap but the quality is there. Just make sure to book in advance, especially if you come in a large group, as this gem is a Brussels classic.

Address: Place Sainte-Catherine 23, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 2188545
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