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Both my dear readers and friends know just how much I love discovering hidden gems in our little Brussels. That’s why every now and then I receive some very good tips about new spots or even oldies but goodies. This is how I got to find Via Via Travellers Cafe in Brussels a few weeks ago.

Tucked away in an old industrial building close to Place Sainte Catherine in downtown Brussels, Via Via Travellers Cafe is a space with edge and personality. The coolest space is probably its indoor courtyard which connects the main space of the cafe with its sunny terrace outdoors – bright thanks to the glass rooftop, furnished with vintage colorful chairs and details revealing the history of the building that used to form part of the docks in Brussels back in the day. On the menu cocktails, fair trade coffee and Belgian beers, such as Zinnebir and Gageleer together with a few savoury treats, like soups, sandwiches and quiches.

The crowd is always interesting and a good mix of nationalities. Via Via Travellers Cafe forms part of a network of cafes all around the world that aim bringing travelers together. In Belgium alone there are more branches in Antwerp, Leuven and Mechelen. The whole atmosphere is very laid back; this spot is the kind of place where you can relax while reading a travel book, play board games with friends or enjoy a live music concert. During the weekends feel free to join the locals who head to the MicroMarché, a space right next to Via Via Travellers Cafe where independent designers showcase and sell their creations.

*UPDATE: Via Via has now moved to a new address and changed name.*

Address: Quai aux Briques 74, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 476 382108

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