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Ventre Saint Gris was a lucky find during my quest for new foodie spots around Brussels a while ago and has become a favourite ever since. As much as I enjoy food trucks and casual dining spots, there’s nothing like a good meal at a sophisticated restaurant and Ventre Saint Gris is a great choice for such an occasion. Located in the suburb of Uccle, this restaurant is positively off the beaten path and requires a bit of driving if you live in downtown Brussels, but is absolutely worth it.

The menu comprises classic dishes, including a few Belgian specialties, like shrimp croquettes which, as I’ve mentioned before on the blog, is one of my absolute favourite local delicacies. The food is consistently good and very nicely presented – just have a look at the pictures below and tell me you’re not tempted! Another aspect I really like about Ventre Saint Gris is that there’s always something new to try. Aside from the regular selection, there’s a weekly changing menu according to the season and what’s available on the market (“Menu du Marché”), a corkage-free Tuesday whereby you can bring your own wine, a different thematic menu every Thursday and a gorgeous Sunday roast. The space is smartly decorated and there’s a beautiful terrace in the back for al fresco meals during warmer days. Just make sure you book in advance to avoid disappointment. Extra bonus points for the kind service, which is sadly hard to find in Brussels, the great wine selection and the crispy homemade chips you get with your drink.

Next time you want to treat yourself to a nice meal, try the Ventre Saint Gris; I cannot recommend it enough! You can also combine your visit with a walk around Kauwberg, a nature preserve which remains a well-kept secret amongst the Bruxellois.

Address: Rue Basse 10, 1180 Uccle, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 3752755
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