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3 renowned chefs, 4 courses, a secret location. If you follow me on Facebook you must already know that I recently attended the very first edition of Undisclosed Dinner. Now I’m back to tell you that I loved it! So what is the Undisclosed Dinner? In a nutshell, this new foodie concept brings together 3 well known chefs to create a 4-course menu enjoyed by no more than 80 guests in a secret location. Pretty tempting, right?

The process is straightforward: You sign up, pay online and find out all about the secret location. The first edition of Undisclosed Dinner took place in a spacious loft that hosts exhibitions close to Flagey – the perfect venue for an original culinary adventure! We were asked not to reveal the exact location but, as you can see from the pictures, the whole atmosphere was pretty amazing! Our chefs for the night were Jacques-Olivier Charles from Delicatessen, Mathias Dircx from aub-svp and Kenzo Nakata from Gramm – 3 rising stars of the Brussels culinary scene who joined forces to create a single menu for us.

After enjoying a couple of gin and tonic cocktails on the ground flour and taking some wee photos with fellow foodies, we headed upstairs and this was waiting for us: beautifully set tables and our chefs ready for action. We took our seats and started chatting with the rest of the table while waiting impatiently for our culinary adventure to begin. It was not long before the amuse bouche arrived: an assortment of beet and goat cheese; butternut, sourdough bread and Kalamata olives; and avocado – cucumber mousse. Fresh and light and colorful, it was a great dish to start with.

From then on, our culinary feast kept unraveling as the dishes of our chefs kept arriving paired with excellent wine: scallops, sea urchin, Jerusalem artichoke, porcini mushrooms and  goat milk – juicy and cooked to perfection; pigeon, salsify, parsnip and dried plums – not really photogenic but oh so good and probably my favourite dish; and last but not least dessert: an outstanding cheesecake roll with cinnamon, cream cheese, goat cheese ice cream and honey-mandarine sauce, both beautiful and incredibly moreish. Our meal was completed with tea and mouthwatering sweets, including rose macarons, mini financiers and chocolate ganache – a wonderful ending to a great dinner experience! 

If you’re looking for an unconventional experience, Undisclosed Dinner is a great option for a special date, a gastronomic get together or a fun night out with friends. It may look a bit steep price-wise (80€ including an aperitif, 3 different wines, water and coffee / tea or 60€ without drinks) but is definitely worth it! Keep an eye on their Instagram for upcoming editions and let me know what you think!

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Sandy (@smarksthespots)