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As you’ve probably seen here, not too long ago I spent a whole day in Leuven with Toerisme Vlaams-Brabant discovering the city and photographing some really great spots. There’s more coming from this trip, including a roundup of my favourite spots in the city and a photo diary to show you how beautiful it is, but for the moment I wanted to share a place that was love at first sight.

Thelma Coffee & Design is a lovely concept store that combines fashion, design, interiors and coffee – the first of its kind in Leuven. If I had to describe the atmosphere in a just few words, they would be bright, relaxing and cool. You know the feeling when you enter a space and it’s like being in a magazine? Well, that happened to me when I stepped in Thelma Coffee & Design. Everything is pretty with clear Scandinavian influences and attention to detail. It’s no surprise that the owner Katrien Vandenberghe, a former dentist and mum of three, is passionate about interior design. It simply shows from the high level of taste and attention to detail. Fun fact: Thelma is Katrien’s oldest daughter, hence the name.

After walking around Leuven for a few good hours I was looking forward to a short break (including a quick Instagram update!) to stretch my feet. Little did I know that I would also get great coffee from MOK, fresh juices and tempting homemade cakes. I’m proud I resisted the latter but proved to be a little weaker when it came to shopping! Between the beautiful fashion items and interior accessories, I left with a cute mini succulent (I seem to be undergoing a cacti obsession lately) and a Meraki hand cream. There are beautiful bits and bobs to choose from, like clothes, designer jewelery, cosmetics, home accessories as well as a children’s section. 

If you’re looking for a calm and fancy place to shop, have a cup of coffee or both, Thelma Coffee & Design is the spot for you. I know I will be definitely going back! 

Address: Vaartstraat 12, 3000 Leuven, Belgium 
Telephone: +32 491 063523
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