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The Wapping Project is special. There’s something truly magical about this place. I adore its effortless coolness, neo-industrial and restful vibe and above all, I never miss a single art exhibition. Confused much? Let me explain…

The historic Wapping Hydraulic Power Station was converted, after its closure as a pumping station in 1977, in a bar restaurant and performing arts exhibition venue. From time to time on warm summer nights it also hosts open air movie screenings. I still remember the first time a dear friend took me there. As I stepped in, I was just in awe – candlelight, modern furniture and classical music in complete contradiction with all the exposed brick walls, pressure pipes, and rusty  hooks, reminders of the building’s heritage. The Boiler and Filter Houses host on a regular basis some of the most avant-garde work of designers, film makers, composers or photographers.

Enjoy a drink or a romantic dinner. Be warned though; the food is pricey and not to everyone’s taste. One thing’s for sure: you’ll definitely come back time and time again.

Address: Wapping Hydraulic Power Station, Wapping Hall, London E1W 3SG, UK

*UPDATE: Unfortunately, The Wapping Project is now closed.*

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Sandy (@smarksthespots)