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When I first heard about The Little Green Shop I was intrigued. A tea room in a flower shop? Sure, why not? I always seem to enjoy such interesting concepts anyway. Take Cook & Book (restaurant within a bookshop) or Living Room (cafe – eatery within a design store) for example. But it was right when I saw that they offer a vegetarian brunch on Sundays that I was sold. Could this become one of my favourite brunch spots in Brussels?

The Little Green Shop is definitely good news for vegetarians as it offers a veggie lunch during the week and a vegetarian brunch buffet on weekends. My partner in crime and I tried the latter: an all-you-can-eat buffet with both sweet and savoury homemade treats on the healthy side – no croissants or pains au chocolat here I’m afraid, fellow brunch-lovers! While the largest part of the buffet consists of cold dishes, like veggie quiche, cheese and various salads with vegetables, legumes or pasta, there’s also a small choice of warm ones too. But the most indulging part is the selection of sweets though. If you look carefully at the pictures below, you’ll spot a chocolate fountain next to fresh fruit skewers, cakes, yoghurt and granola. 

The tea room is a really cozy and beautifully decorated space with very few tables and a small sofa. I would strongly recommend a reservation on weekends, especially if you are a large group as there are limited seats. Sarah and Nicolas, the couple behind The Little Green Shop, can be proud of what they’ve achieved. This place is full of cute details from the lovely epicerie, where they sell homemade jams as well as specialty coffee and tea, to the flower shop in the back where you can find pretty flower arrangements and different kinds of succulents that I love so much. There’s also a garden terrace overlooking the Water Tower of the Altitude – a really nice option for sunny days.

The Little Green Shop is well worth a visit if you’re looking for a calm and cozy place, are a vegetarian or wish to explore a new part of Brussels.

Address: Chaussée d’Alsemberg 314, 1190 Forest, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 2181121
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*UPDATE: Unfortunately, The Little Green Shop is now closed.*the_little_green_shop_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_01 the_little_green_shop_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_02 the_little_green_shop_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_03 the_little_green_shop_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_04 the_little_green_shop_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_05 the_little_green_shop_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_06 the_little_green_shop_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_07 the_little_green_shop_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_08 the_little_green_shop_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_09 the_little_green_shop_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_10 the_little_green_shop_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_11 the_little_green_shop_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_12 the_little_green_shop_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_13 the_little_green_shop_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_14 the_little_green_shop_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_15

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