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One of the first things I made sure to cross my list the last time I visited NYC was to discover the High Line, an elevated freight rail line converted into an aerial urban park on Manhattan’s West Side. Inspired by the Promenade Plantée in Paris, a similar project completed in 1993, the High Line is one of NYC’s most popular sites and I can totally see why!

The abandoned rail tracks that went out of use back in the ’80s have been transformed into a lovely green space planted with grass and wildflowers that offers some of the most scenic views of Hudson river and the city itself. To me it’s the perfect spot for a morning workout, a lunch break excursion, a romantic stroll with your better half or a lazy Sunday walk after brunch at the Meatpacking district. I actually love how the High Line forms part of the city while being detached from the bustling streets of Manhattan. The very interesting art installations and performances are also another reason to visit it.

As you can probably guess, the High Line receives millions of visitors annually, so it might feel cramped from time to time. The good news is that there are many benches and seating space where you can sit back, grab a bite and enjoy the surroundings if you wish to avoid the crowds.

Last but not least, I think I must share a tip I received from a local which I consider one of the best recommendations I’ve ever got during my travels: during lunar eclipses there are telescopes to observe the starry sky – make sure to try them, it’s one of my most memorable experiences ever!

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