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When I first heard that Tapasoif, a Greek wine and tapas bar had opened in Namur, I couldn’t wait to check it out. As you probably know by now I am an avid lover of all things Greek and having obtained the WSET2 diploma, I am always interested to taste wine from different regions. So there were my partner in crime and I on a warm summer evening during our stay at the Chateau de la Poste, ready to indulge in delicious Greek food and wine!

Wine-wise, Tapasoif surprised me in the most positive way as they offer different labels from more than 19 wineries all over Greece at very reasonable prices. The staff were more than happy to explain, listen to our preferences and propose the ones that were just right for us. Thomas Tsanis, the owner of Tapasoif is also the man behind Canette, a company importing Greek wine so he’s really an expert. Apart from the wines available à la carte, there’s also an Enomatic wine dispenser (what you can find also in Etiquette back in Brussels) which means you can try a glass (or two!) of premium Greek wine without having to buy a whole bottle. The food was delicious too. Freshly prepared right in front of us by Sophia, the cutest Greek lady, we felt that we were being fed by our Greek mama. The dishes were hearty, full of flavour and brought back great memories of our holidays in Greece last summer.

The setting is modern and quite romantic with dim lighting and nice music playing in the background. A great place to relax and enjoy really good food and wine from beautiful Greece. Now I only wish that Tapasoif would open a branch in Brussels too – it would definitely make it into my “Best Wine Bars in Brussels” list!

Address: Rue des Brasseurs 26, 5000 Namur, Belgium
Telephone: +32 81 656777
Website / Facebook page

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