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One of the first things one notices upon arriving in Athens is what a big deal coffee is for Greeks. Young people always meet with their friends “for a cup of coffee” which can literally take hours. Tailor Made is one of my favourite coffee spots in the centre of Athens as it ticks all the boxes: great location, sunny terrace, really good coffee and nice music. Did I mention the cocktails are pretty good too?! 

Located just a stone’s throw from Monastiraki and Plaka, the ever-charming areas in the centre of Athens, Tailor Made is the perfect pit stop for a cup of coffee between shopping or sightseeing. Beware though, your visit can easily turn into a long evening with the best cocktails in town – I speak from experience! The name is no coincidence; the area is full of tailors and old fabric stores and beverages are tailor-made according to your very own taste and preferences.

The interior is set with warm colours, great little details and a wall curved to depict the face of Ernst Ziller, a Saxon philhellen architect who has designed some of the most beautiful buildings in Athens, including the one where Tailor Made is housed. Since the weather is mostly sunny in Greece, I prefer to seat on the terrace – same as everyone else I suppose, as sometimes it can be quite hard to find a spot there.

The music is upbeat and baristas are helpful and smiling no matter how busy they are – I just love Mediterranean people! And so I do the coffee at Tailor Made since quality is taken seriously here. Ask for a flat white or single origin espressos and you won’t be disappointed – this place would be at the top of my “Best Coffee Spots in Brussels” list if they opened a branch there. And before you leave, make sure to take away some freshly-ground coffee beans. .

Address: Plateia Agias Eirinis 2, 10560 Athens, Greece
Telephone: +30 213 0049645
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Sandy (@smarksthespots)