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Sometimes the most unassuming places can hide the most delicious surprises. I love how Brussels is full of such little spots that don’t look like much but are really wonderful. They may be hard to find but there’s nothing like the feeling of joy when you realise you’ve struck gold. That’s exactly the case of Tai Hon.

This little restaurant in the EU quarter of Brussels is close to some of my favourite spots in the area, like 13 Degrees, Living Room, KokubanGrand Central, and last but not least, the Maison Antoine friterie. Funnily enough, Tai Hon was one of the first tips I ever got from my readers. I called the next day to make a reservation but there were no tables available. It took me a while before I tried again but now I keep going back every now and then. My first piece of advice: don’t get discouraged by the first appearance! Tai Hon does not look like much at first sight – the space is small, decorated with pretty basic, oldish furniture. Here it’s all about the food, not the presentation. 

Tai Hon is a family affair. Run by Monsieur Ho, his wife Yi Lin Chang and their son, it’s a little piece of their native land, Taiwan, in Brussels. Just like the interior, their dishes are simply presented but the real wow factor is the flavour. The best option from the starters is the ”cochon mordu par le tigre”, a steamed rice bun stuffed with braised pork where you can add coriander and peanuts. Order a couple (you’ll love it too much to share) and skip the dim sum and spring rolls which are fine but nothing to write home about. When it comes to the main dishes, there are plenty of options as you can combine your protein with a different sauce. I’ve tried quite a few combinations so far and there are two winners: chicken with banana and peanut sauce (it may sound odd but it’s really good!) and shrimp with aubergine and garlic sauce. Rich in flavour, not too oily and on the healthy(ish) side, the dishes of Tai Hon are filling, generous and hearty.

If you’re looking for a go-to lunch/dinner spot in the EU quarter or Taiwanese food in Brussels, Tai Hon is your place. Just make sure to book in advance and if you’re lucky with the weather, maybe grab a spot on the terrace. Oh and feel free to share your pictures with me on #seemybrussels!

Address: Chaussée de Wavre 356, 1040 Etterbeek, Belgium 
Telephone: +32 2 2300131

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