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Since you’ve already got a flavour of Mykonos island through my previous post, I think it’s only appropriate to skip the introductions and move directly to the main event, i.e. the second gem I discovered during my holidays in beautiful Greece, Spilia restaurant. I hate to admit that my experience with this spot was bittersweet, starting with the fact that it took me several – unanswered – phone calls to the restaurant and an adventurous night drive to actually locate it and make a dinner reservation for the coming day.

So there we were, on time and pretty hungry. Unfortunately, there was no table for us. In fact, our name was never put on the reservation list. No one seemed to care or even bother finding us the table we were promised. We were eventually offered a table in the back and when I complained I received a rather ironic response from Nassos, our waiter. Determined not to let anyone ruin our evening (we were on holidays after all!), we decided to set the whole incident aside and got seated at last. Another – kinder – waiter took over and we finally started enjoying ourselves. 

The location of the restaurant is awfully beautiful and romantic as it’s tucked into a cliff cave right next to the sea. It’s no coincidence that spilia (σπηλιά) means cave in Greek. The food is also excellent; this is the place to go for fresh fish and the most amazing lobster pasta. We enjoyed our meal, watched the sunset and finished with a very generous portion of καρυδόπιτα (Greek walnut cake) with ice cream topped with ice cream – courtesy of the restaurant. Spilia would have probably been one of my favourite restaurants in Mykonos if the service was polite. We can only hope that they will pick up on this point.

Address: Kalafatis beach, 84600 Mykonos, Greece
Telephone: +30 22890 71205
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