Life is all about celebrating the little things – the first snow of the year, a day at the beach, a blossomed flower, a fun evening with friends, ice cream on a hot day, the smell of rain, discovering hidden corners in the city you’ve lived for years… Every month I’m sharing with you all those moments captured through my camera that made each day special. Follow my adventures on Instagram and share yours!


As much as I hate to admit it summer has moved on – at least in Brussels! Those who know me are well aware of the fact that I’m in a far better mood on sunny days, so I’m not ready to give up on summer just yet. My holidays in the Greek islands was exactly what I was hoping for and more: great local food, swimming in crystal blue waters, sunbathing and lots of reading. My first stop was Kythira, an island right below the Peloponnese aka heaven on earth.

My second stop was Rethymno in Crete. Far more lively but also bigger, Rethymno was a complete change of scenery which I really enjoyed. Suffice is to say that I spotted the best Greek restaurant I’ve ever been to. More on my adventure coming pretty soon! My final destination before heading back to Athens was Mykonos island in the Cyclades, which you probably remember from this post. Once again, I had a great time and even got to discover a few new foodie spots, which I have included in my Mykonos travel guide.

My holidays concluded with a super fun trip in Germany and France together with some beloved friends. I’ll upload soon more pictures from our visit to Strasbourg, Colmar and Triberg on Facebook, so keep an eye on my Facebook page.

Admittedly, coming back to cold and rainy Brussels has been hard but luckily. I do love this city but the weather is something I haven’t managed to get used to even after all those years. Luckily, there are those moments that brighten up even the gloomiest day – you know, like being featured twice on #visitbrussels official Instagram account! Super proud and motivated to keep sharing my Brussels with you – follow along and say hello! Cheers to September!

Sandy (@smarksthespots)