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Picking a place to stay when you visit a city can make or break one’s holiday. Readers and friends always ask me for tips on accommodation in Brussels, so I’m currently on a quest to find the best spots in town. As you probably saw on my Instagram, a few weeks ago I spent a night at the Sandton Pillows Hotel which I decided to include here on the blog as I really liked it. 

Located in the heart of Brussels not too far from the beautiful Grand Place and the famous Manneken Pis, Sandton Pillows is a boutique hotel with 45 rooms. This means that guests can easily access some of Brussels’ most well-known landmarks as well as the Midi train station. What’s a bit more challenging though is parking in the area. The hotel has some parking spots but you need to book in advance, so make sure to plan ahead.

Checking in at Sandton Pillows was effortless and the staff were polite and friendly throughout my stay. But what really won me over was my room: spacious, with high ceilings and the most adorable wallpaper, it had views over Place Rouppe and the most comfortable bed. I really did sleep like a baby! One of the most important things about a hotel as far as I’m concerned is cleanliness and in that respect, the Sandton Pillows got it right. I also had the opportunity to see a few other rooms at the hotel which were equally lovely and stylish. Can you spot the different wallpapers in the pictures below? I mean, how cute are they?!

If you are a foodie, the Sandton Pillows hotel is a good option since it’s right next to the Michelin-stared restaurant Comme Chez Soi where you can enjoy great food in beautiful Art Nouveau surroundings. And if your budget is somewhat more limited, there are other great spots to try nearby, like Rachel and Houtsiplou. The hotel itself has a restaurant as well as a cocktail bar. Although I didn’t get to try the latter, I did have breakfast and got to enjoy some of my favourite morning treats, like fresh orange juice, fruits, poached eggs and Callas confiture (I love this stuff – you have to try it!).

Overall, I really enjoyed my stay at the Sandton Pillows hotel and would recommend it, especially if you’re on a leisure trip and are looking for a conveniently located hotel in the centre that is clean and modern.

Address: Place Rouppe 17, 1000 Brussels, Belgium 
Telephone: +32 2 2040040
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