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Stockholm during summertime is a true beauty. There are many ways to enjoy the city to the fullest: walk around the different neighbourhoods, have a picnic at one of the nearby islands or visit the Royal Djugarden, an oasis in the heart of Stockholm. Right there, in the middle of Djugarden, I discovered one of my all-time favourite spots, Rosendals Tradgard.

Rosendals Tradgard is a public biodynamic garden, where vegetables, flowers, herbs and pot plants are grown. One of the most notable features of the garden is the Orchard where hundreds of apple trees are planted. I couldn’t resist laying under their shade and reading a few chapters of my book – one of those perfect moments I will always remember. 

In the middle of the garden there is a café, located in the old greenhouses, offering light lunch dishes made with fresh vegetables from the garden and locally sourced products. You can also find sweets treats, like cake, pies and cookies as well as bread made in the garden’s firewood stone oven using organic grain. I popped over the bakery and thanks to the lovely staff I tried some of their bread topped with Swedish butter – tasted like heaven! Once you get your goodies, you can sit either in the greenhouses (not a very good idea on a sunny day as it gets extremely hot) or outside right next to the beautiful flowers and trees. I can honestly say that this is one of the most peaceful and at the same time lovely places I’ve ever been to. Luckily, it is hidden from the crowds of tourists and remains totally unspoilt – a true local secret!

After finishing my meal, I also visited Rosendals Tradgard’s plant shop determined that I simply had to take a bit of this place at home with me. Since I couldn’t really carry at the plane one of the beautiful potted citrus trees, I decided to buy these cute little vases and repeat the same idea at home. Happy as ever, I left Djugarden promising to myself that I would be back very soon, a promise that I definitely intend to keep!  

Address: Rosendalsterrassen 12, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden
Telephone: +46 8 54581270
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