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Rachi is a fabulous Greek restaurant is located in Lefkada, a beautiful island in the Ionian sea. After spending most of the day at Mylos beach (a place you simply must visit even if it’s a bit hard to reach), we were happy but famished. A short ride later, we were at Exanthia, a cute tiny village located up in the mountains (if you thought that all islands in Greece are flat, think again!) to discover what has become ever since one of my favourite restaurants.

Rachi (“Ράχη” in Greek) is built on the slope of the mountain and has the most gorgeous views. Your experience will really depend on the time of your arrival, since the restaurant tends to be very calm during lunch time and crowded a bit later in the evening. When we arrived there was a long queue already, so we quickly put our names on the waiting list and made our way to the bar to grab a drink. After half an hour (a long but somehow expected wait since August is the peak holiday period), we finally got seated. There were no complaints; apart from the breathtaking view, the food was an absolute winner! Most of the dishes on offer are traditional Greek recipes, are very reasonably priced and well prepared.

We were lucky enough to get a table in the front of their balcony and watch the sunset – one of the best ones in my entire life! If you ever visit Lefkada, make sure to include Rachi in your list of things to do – I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I did.

Address: Exanthia, 31080 Lefkada, Greece
Telephone: +30 26450 99439
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Sandy (@smarksthespots)