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Not too long ago I posted on the blog’s Facebook page my selection of the Best Burgers in Brussels and quite a few people suggested Rachel as the top burger place in the city. It seemed that I had committed the ultimate food blogger’s sin by not trying out this spot, so I made my way to Rachel a few days later to compensate and boy, you were right!

Tucked away next to Place Fontainas and Madame Chapeau, Rachel is characterized by its playful atmosphere. Walls are covered in the most whimsical pattern I’ve seen in a while. When I asked the owner why he picked the gorilla as the main character for the decor he replied to me with an ear-to-ear smile: “Why not?!”.  And indeed, it’s nice to have fun with it sometimes! The end result couldn’t be more successful as it also sets the tone for the menu, which features all kinds of funny names for the different bagels and burgers on offer. My partner in crime and I had a hard time choosing: the Houmous Sapiens, the Hannibal Cannibale or the Nicole Guacamole (pun intended)? Decisions, decisions…!

We finally went for the “Britney Spears” bagel with chicken, bacon, cheddar, lettuce and mayo for yours truly and the “Samantha goes picnic” burger with beef, bacon, sauteed onions, cheddar, pickles, tomato, bbq sauce and two sunny side up eggs for him. When our order arrived we were amazed by how massive the burger actually was. A bit difficult to eat admittedly but delicious: thick, juicy and perfectly cooked! The bagel was equally tasty and gargantuan. Both dishes were accompanied by crisp coleslaw and roasted potatoes (sorry, Belgian fries lovers!). According to my Instagram peeps the vegetarian burger is really good too, so I know what I’ll be having next time! Given the generous portions we were so stuffed by the end of our meal that we had no room for dessert. My sweet tooth though did spy some rather tempting cheesecake and carrot cake slices on our fellow dinners’ table. If you’ve already tried them, let me know what you think – I’m very curious! 

Before visiting Rachel, I was warned I should expect a slow service but in our case, everything arrived within a reasonable amount of time and a smile (not a very common thing in Brusssels). Anyhow, I think that slow fast food has its perks! If you’re lucky enough to find an empty table on their tiny terrace, grab it immediately. It stays sunny until late in the afternoon and is great for people watching.  

Address: Rue du Marché au Charbon 100, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 5033759

*UPDATE Apr 20: Unfortunately, Rachel is now closed.*rachel_bagels_burgers_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_01rachel_bagels_burgers_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_02 rachel_bagels_burgers_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_03 rachel_bagels_burgers_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_04 rachel_bagels_burgers_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_05 rachel_bagels_burgers_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_06 rachel_bagels_burgers_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_07 rachel_bagels_burgers_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_08 rachel_bagels_burgers_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_09 rachel_bagels_burgers_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_10 rachel_bagels_burgers_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_11 rachel_bagels_burgers_brussels_smarksthespots_blog_12

Sandy (@smarksthespots)