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I’ve been dreaming to visit Mont Saint-Michel ever since I first moved to Paris. Every time I would plan a visit, life would get in the way only to make me cancel my plans and postpone my trip for the near future. Fast forward several years later, I finally realized my dream to see up close the beautiful Abbey of Saint-Michel, walk the winding streets of the fortress and watch the tide rise around the island. This was actually one of the cases where the journey was just as beautiful as the final destination, so driving from Brussels to Lower Normandy in northern France was really worth it. But more on that in a future post…

The Mont Saint-Michel is a UNESCO Heritage site and such a special place overall that inevitably, you’ll run into loads of other visitors just as eager to cross this destination off their travel bucket lists. Although part of the magic was lost due to the crowded alleys and touristy souvenir shops, it was still as beautiful as I was hoping for. The Abbey and its surrounding ramparts are full of irresistible angles with steep stairways, tiny twisting alleyways, wooden-shingled roofs, ornate windows and the most magnificent view from the top – a photographer’s dream really. I couldn’t help but take a zillion photos but don’t worry, I’m only sharing some of my favourite ones! More practical tips and beautiful photos on my upcoming Mont Saint-Michel travel guide; watch this place.

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