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There are some places that get into your heart and never leave no matter how much time passes by. This was the case with Kythira island. Regular readers of the blog and Instagram peeps will know that I’ve visited quite a few Greek islands over the years and love all things Greek but Kythira blew me away.

Unlike other Greek islands, Kythira is really quiet even during the summer as it’s difficult to reach. Located south of the Peloponnese, it’s a long drive from Athens and there are no frequent ferry connections to it. But this is perfect for me since I tend to prefer islands that are not overcrowded with visitors and have remained somehow unspoiled.

I actually knew this place would be special right from the moment I stepped off the boat. I mean look at this view! Over the next few days I got to discover more of the beauty of the island: beaches with crystal clear waters, imposing castles, picturesque little villages, waterfalls and local festivals.  If I had to pick just one place, it would be this beach – probably the best I’ve even been to. Yep, even compared to the Caribbean sea. It was quite hard to reach but once we got there, my friends and I had it all to ourselves and for a few hours we felt we were in heaven. Life doesn’t get better than that! Now I understand why the Venetians used to say that “Un mondo fa un mondo, e il Cerigo un altro mondo” (the world makes a world, and Kythira another world).

If you’re keen on visiting Kythira, have a look at my travel guide where I gathered all my tips about this beautiful place. It is definitely worth a spot in your travel bucket list! And if you’re keen to combine it with another Greek island, you’ll be happy to know that there is a direct ferry connection to Crete. That’s what we did but more on this really soon!


Sandy (@smarksthespots)