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After exploring a large part of Cuba, I left Havana and flew all the way to Cancun in Mexico. A short bus ride later, I arrived in paradise aka Tulum. Truth is, I had already seen a few pictures from the Mayan Riviera around the blogsphere but the real thing exceeded my expectations and now I keep dreaming of going back.

While I’m preparing a travel guide with all my tips and foodie recommendations, I wanted to share with you a few pictures that will hopefully make you travel to the land of Maya. Never have I seen a place as beautiful as the Tulum ruins. Perched over a hill overlooking the green and turquoise waters and full of breezy palm trees, this spot took my breath away. It’s rare to find so much beauty and history in one place, so this goes down as one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been to!  

My days in Tulum involved some much-needed relaxation together with a few road trips around the State of Quintana Roo. It felt like a world away from my daily routine in Brussels: yoga by the beach early in the morning, lunch under tropical palapa roofs, swimming in a cenote with little turtles, cycling through the jungle, enjoying way too many pina coladas by the pool and last but not least, dining to one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to. This holiday had it all and was the trip of a lifetime. If you’re thinking of travelling to Mexico, make sure to put it into your itinerary. It’s absolutely safe, much cheaper compared to Cancun and incredibly beautiful. Hope you enjoy the pictures!  

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