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Coming back from a great vacation is always a bittersweet feeling and since I’m not ready to leave summer behind just yet, I decided to share a bit of sunshine here on the blog. Every summer I make sure to spend at least a couple of weeks in Greece which I love so much, so over the years I’ve explored my fair share of Greek islands – you may have already seen my photo diaries from Mykonos and Kythira.

Crete is the largest Greek island and definitely a destination to include in your travel bucket list if you haven’t been. Rethymno is a place very close to my heart as one of my best friends has a summer house there, so it’s filled with great memories. Aside from all the happy moments I’ve shared with loved ones, there are plenty of other reasons why I find Rethymno so special: beautiful alleys in the historic centre, the Venetian harbour, breathtaking mountains, wide sandy beaches, the atmospheric open-air theatre in the Fortezza and some of my all-time favourite Greek restaurants, like Avli and Prima Plora

I plan to write a detailed travel guide with all my tips but in the meantime, consider the photos below as a small introduction of what’s coming up!

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