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Last summer my sister and I took a long road trip in Spain to explore the area of Andalucia. After spending a few days in Madrid, we jumped in the car and set off to explore different cities in the region. Our first stop was Cordoba which blew us away with its beauty and character. 

We arrived quite early so we could have the city all to ourselves for a couple of hours and in retrospect, I’m so glad we did. It was absolutely wonderful walking around the quiet little cobblestone alleyways of Cordoba before the city awoke. We wandered among the squares of the old town, the winding maze-like streets of La Judería, the old Jewish quarter, peeking through shady flower-filled courtyards along the way. Not surprisingly, these verdant patios filled with colorful blooms were my favourite bit. I love flowers and can only imagine how lovely Cordoba looks in early May when home owners proudly open their patios to visitors and compete for the city’s “most beautiful courtyard”.  

Cordoba has a long history and it’s amazing how you get to feel so as you stroll around. Founded by the Romans, it became a place of great importance due to its strategic location and thrived in the Medieval era. Nowadays the city is dotted with grand buildings and structures that left us speechless, like the Mezquita mosque-cathedral, the Palacio de Viana, the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, the Calahorra Tower and El Puente Romano, a mighty bridge crossing the Guadalquivir river. After visiting the city’s landmarks we made our way to Mercado Victoria, for tapas and tinto de verano. Food markets are the best way to get a taste of a city’s cuisine and just like the Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid, this one didn’t disappoint. 

Cordoba may be smaller and less touristy than Granada and Seville (more on these two coming soon!) but this makes it all the more charming. Just make sure to pack your sunscreen as it gets really hot during the summer months and enjoy – you will definitely fall in love with the city!

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