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A while ago I spotted on Pinterest what might as well be my life motto: “People disappoint; Pizza is eternal“. Pizza is indeed my second favourite comfort food right after pasta, my ultimate guilty pleasure. In my quest for the best pizza in Brussels, my Italian friends / pizza experts took me to Pizzeria Posto al Sole or “Pizza Momo” as the locals call it.

This little pizza joint is by no means a romantic or fancy restaurant. In fact, it doesn’t look like much from the outside and service can be chaotic. Everybody comes here for the pizza though, which is indeed great! The place took its name by the owner Momo (Mohammed) who, after living in Naples and learning the secrets of pizza-making, he moved to Brussels in 2006 and opened his own restaurant. Ever since the Pizzeria Posto al Sole has been one of the most popular pizza joints in town. Momo bakes the pizza in a wood-fired oven using fresh ingredients. The end result? Thinly-crusted pizza made the Neapolitan way! If you are a big group or really hungry, go for the house special, namely the half-metre pizza (“mezzo metro”) that comes with a generous amount of toppings of your liking. 

On sunny days Pizza Momo is a great spot for people watching and sunbathing given its spacious terrace overlooking the Place de Bethléem – just make sure you arrive promptly because it gets crowded. Enjoy the food and maybe send me a snap too on Instagram or Twitter using the #seemybrussels hashtag!

Address: Chaussée de Forest 122, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Belgium
Telephone: +32 484 708958

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