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Brussels may be a small city compared to other European capitals but it isn’t short in special concepts when it comes to bars and eateries. After sharing with you a few of these places, like The Little Green Shop, Cook & Book and Lulu Home Interior, it’s high time I talked to you about a spot that has been around for a little longer. Piola Libri is a wine bar – Italian bookshop close to the European quarter in Brussels that’s very popular with both Italian expats and lovers of Italy. 

Ever since my first trip to Milan, I have been hooked to the ritual of the aperitivo: a pre-dinner drink accompanied by light nibbles to start the evening and get in the mood for the upcoming meal. Piola Libri is my favourite spot for after-work drinks with a few antipasti in a relaxed atmosphere. And did I mention that the aforementioned Italian snacks are complimentary? Order an Aperol spritz and help yourself at the counter where there’s always a small but tasty selection of antipasti: lentil salad, olives, pasta, panini, oven-baked potatoes with rosemary and other tempting Italian-inspired delicacies. 

On warm days, everybody sits at the terrace to enjoy the sun and a glass of chilled wine while during winter people head in to browse the Italian books on offer and wind down. Doesn’t get better than that! Piola Libri organizes various events (wine tastings, readings, concerts, etc.) on a regular basis, so keep an eye on the website for updates. Last but not least, make sure not to confuse Piola Libri with La Piola in Chatelain – trust me, there are people that still get confused after living in Brussels for years!

Address: Rue Franklin 66,  1000 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 7369391
Website / Facebook page

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