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My love for great wine bars and sunny terraces has been well documented on the blog, so I am happy to report that I’ve spotted a real gem in Uccle, the Onze Quatre-Vingt Bistrot Urbain. 

This place was love at first sight for many different reasons. First of all, the beautiful terrace is great for warm, sunny days. A true oasis of calm with wooden picnic tables and chaises longues, it’s basically my dream terrace in Brussels! Food-wise, my partner in crime and I were not disappointed either. There are different small dishes to choose from, the highlight being the ham and cheese platter as well as the creamy mozzarella di bufala – the perfect accompaniment to our wine. The bread from Le Saint-Aulaye is fantastic and the staff are happy to bring you more once it’s finished. Needless to say, we had more than two servings! The food is organic for the most part and apart from natural wine and gin, there’s also a well-curated selection of beers from local micro-breweries. 

I also loved the interior which is modern and playful. I do have a thing for macrame hanging planters (hello, Knees to Chin and Forcado!) so the decor was right up my alley! Last but not least, the neighbourhood is calm and lovely – I am actually a fan of Uccle as it happens to host two of my all-time favourite spots in Brussels, like the Van Buuren Museum and Ventre Saint-Gris. Onze Quatre-Vingt just became another reason to visit the area more often.

Having said all that, I would improve two things: the quantity-price ratio (the sandwiches for example are delicious but also rather pricey, especially since they don’t come with any sides) and the service. While the staff are really nice and kind, it takes a while before they bring your order. And although they have apologized for the delay every single time we visited this spot, it’s not an ideal situation when you’re the hangry type I’m afraid.   

Onze Quatre-Vingt Bistrot Urbain is a great place for a drink with friends or colleagues after work. Next time I’m keen to attend one of their jazz sessions and maybe see a few of you there too!

Address: Rue Vanderkindere 406, 1180 Uccle, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 3466494

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