If you’re following the blog or my Instagram account you know by now that I’m a very visual person. I love arts, including photography, and since I can barely draw a straight line, my camera has become my canvas where I can release all my creativity and show people the world through my eyes. I also believe that art speaks for itself, so I usually let my pictures do the talking and avoid spoiling them with too many words.

A couple of weeks ago I reached a very important milestone, a benchmark I was dreaming of since I first started writing the blog and sharing my pictures online: 1K followers on Instagram, i.e. 1000 people that love my pictures and share my enthusiasm for pretty little details (right, and food!). There could not be a more perfect timing to share a few behind the scenes stories from my most popular Instagram pictures. 


location_mark_smarksthespots_blog Brussels, Belgium

After all these years of living in Belgium I have not mastered the art of waffle-making. Although this means I have managed to stick to healthier types of breakfast (or brunch!), I never seem to able to resist the toasty smell of fresh Belgian waffles at the Chatelain market.  They are small, cheap (0,60€ each) and incredibly tasty – so much so that they make grocery shopping my ultimate guilty pleasure! The people behind the waffle stand know my name and the blog by now, so they were were more than happy to let me take a picture of their sweet treats.


  location_mark_smarksthespots_blog Brussels, Belgium

This is one of my most memorable moments in Brussels so far. I’ve been wanting to visit the Flower Carpet in Grand Place since I first arrived in Belgium. Unfortunately, the Carpet is installed only for a few days in mid-August every other year, so I never had the possibility to admire it up close as I was always on holidays in warmer places than Brussels! This year I finally realised my dream but still, it wasn’t that easy. After an amazing trip to Strasbourg and Colmar with some of my best friends, I had to rush the very last evening as I returned to Brussels and see it for 15 mins or so, literally before it started raining cats and dogs.


location_mark_smarksthespots_blog Lille, France

When I travel, I’m always drawn to the history of the place I’m visiting. I believe it somehow helps you to better understand the culture and before you know it, you start observing the signs of the significant events that have defined the city. Needles to say, my favourite part in Lille is The Old Town (right, Meert too!). During winter it’s a tad more difficult to shoot since the light disappears before you know it, but I believe this picture fully reflects the nostalgic vibe of the city. I remember feeling way to excited to capture as many of these beautiful corners as possible with too little time of my hands. This is one of my favourite photos to date, nevertheless and it’s certain I’ll go back soon for more!


location_mark_smarksthespots_blog Brussels, Belgium

I’m sure I have never mentioned that while I love taking pictures of landscapes and food, I’m not so keen on portraits. It somehow feels a little bit forced plus I prefer capturing people and faces when they don’t really expect it. This is another instance of me nosing around as per usual. That day I was interested in capturing lazy moments from this fabulous sunny Sunday but instead, I ended up with a bunch of photos showing me how lively Brussels actually is. This one is still one of my favourite shots. 


location_mark_smarksthespots_blog Brussels, Belgium

Le Mont des Arts is probably the most beautiful spot in Brussels. I love coming here with my book or camera and spend some quality down time. This picture was taken on a gorgeous sunny day right before I discovered one of the most secret terraces in town right next to it. Climb all the way up the National library of Belgium and you’ll be rewarded with this and some of the best views over the city. Not bad, right?


 location_mark_smarksthespots_blog Brussels, Belgium

By now I’m sure everyone knows about my major sweet tooth! Whenever I go to Gazzetta, a cute Italian restaurant close to Place Stephanie I can never resist their mouthwatering tiramisu. Some of my other guilty pleasures (yes, i have more than one!) include cupcakes from Merrily’s Bakery, chocolate from Laurent Gerbaud and the sticky toffee pudding at La Mercerie. Did I also mention the pasteis de nata at Le Forcado?!

Thanks again for following along, for each and every like and loving comment you send my way! It’s the best feeling in the world to be able to share your passion with the world and I promise to keep doing that. Follow me on Instagram and do say hello – I always love to hear from you!

Sandy (@smarksthespots)