C’est la rentrée! My holidays have come to an end and I’m back to Brussels which is apparently freezing cold. I guess my tan and summer dresses will have to go away but I can definitely hold on to the memories of a super sunny and fun summer! This is probably the longest I’ve been away from the blogging world and while it felt very relaxing to get some time offline, I missed this space loads! Before I start sharing content from new spots in Brussels and my travels in Greece and Spain, I wanted to show you some of my Instagram snaps that capture the beautiful places I got to see during the last 3 weeks. Ready? Let’s go!

The iconic windmills of Little Venice in Mykonos, impressive tiles in the Alhambra palace in Granada, Cycladic beauty in Kea (more pictures from this lovely island coming soon!) and Seville aka where I left my heart this summer. The Crystal palace at Retiro park in Madrid, breathtaking views from Ronda, crystal clear waters of the Aegean sea in Greece and the most colorful street that got featured on Instagram’s #winningmeover account (yay!). Views over Elia beach in Mykonos from the hotel I stayed in (a place I’m dying to share here on the blog), the picturesque town of Toledo in Spain, the old streets of Plaka in Athens, the prettiest tiles I’ve ever come across so far and a hidden cute little cafe at Chora in Mykonos.

Apart from a ton of work at the office, September is also full of great events and new spots I plan to try, so watch this space and pop by my Instagram to say hi! 

Sandy (@smarksthespots)