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Paris is one of those places when you can’t go wrong with food. It’s also a city where people tend to seek French specialties but I have spotted a restaurant worth breaking the rules for. Ober Mamma is the second branch of The Big Mamma Group, led by two young Frenchmen in love with all things Italian who caught Paris by storm when they opened East Mamma in Bastille.

Just like the first establishment, Ober Mamma takes you a trip to Italy with its amazing food and cool atmosphere. My partner in crime and I were lucky enough to get a table overlooking the open kitchen and were fascinated by the good teamwork and big smiles on the cooks’ faces. It’s always fun to see the process, especially when people enjoy what they’re doing! The menu comprises all the Italian classics from antipasti to pizza and pasta, freshly made with ingredients imported directly from Italy.

We started with a variety of ham and cheese to accompany our drinks and were impressed by the high quality only to be further blown away by our main dishes. Now, I know that pasta is not a “primo piatto” in Italy but we didn’t mind at all! Served in a saucepan, it was perfectly cooked and came in a generous portion. The pizza was also spot-on: baked in the wood-fired oven, it was crispy and generously topped, prepared by a former chef from Da Michele in Naples. My only regret is that by the end of our meal, we were so full that we decided to skip dessert. I never pass up an opportunity to have tiramisu but in this case, I just had to which gives me the perfect excuse to go back!

Interior-wise Ober Mamma won us with its modern design and buzzing atmosphere. Designed by the well-known Martin Brudzniki, it combines perfectly modern and traditional with mouldings and cured hams dangling from the ceiling, marble counters, a beautiful bar and a dining room under a glass ceiling decorated with an imposing (fake) tree and hanging plants. Perfect setting for lunch, dinner or Ober Mamma’s famous aperitivo that’s as good as the real thing in Milan.

I loved Ober Mamma and cannot recommend it enough. If you’re looking for a place that’s hip, serves delicious food but doesn’t cost a fortune, then it’s your spot. Just make sure you arrive well in advance to secure a table as they don’t take reservations, otherwise you’ll be looking at a waiting time of an hour or so. Either way, you’ll be rewarded with a great Italian meal!

Address: Boulevard Richard Lenoir 107, 75011 Paris, France 
Telephone: +33 1 58306278
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