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Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da Life goes on… I bet you already know the popular Beatles song! But since this is a food blog, let me tell you that there is a great spot in Paris named after this tune. If you happen to be on Instagram, you’ve probably seen a few pictures of Ob-La-Di cafe in the Marais (including mine!) which is indeed one of the cutest and most photogenic places I’ve been to lately. Yep, these things are important when you write a blog!  

Ob-La-Di opened in June 2015 and has been a favourite of both locals and regular visitors of the French capital ever since. I first spotted it on my most recent visit to Candelaria, a delicious Mexican place I will tell you about soon, but otherwise it can be tricky to find as it’s really tiny. The space is bright, warm and beautifully decorated from the funky blue floor tiles, fresh flowers, bare concrete walls, marble counter top as well as the prettiest ceramic plates – it’s all about paying attention to detail.

Having said that, I will be honest and admit that it’s the food and great coffee that makes me rave about Ob-La-Di. Behind the Marzocco machine you’ll find Lloyd, a friendly Australian that used to be part of the Boot Cafe, signing along the music and brewing coffee beans from Cafe Lomi that smell like heaven. That means you can count on really good coffee and pretty latte art (the blogger in me speaking again!). The menu is short but it seems that whatever you order is spot on. Most of the baked goods are prepared by the Ob-La-Di team and are gluten-free – do try the muffins, they taste as good as they look! On the day I took the pictures my partner in crime and I shared the organic granola with fresh berries and yoghurt as well as the “Purple Haze” i.e. a portobello mushroom burger that probably tops any other non-veggie burger I’ve ever had. Yep, it was that good! The next morning we headed back for their avocado toast which we happily washed down with horchata (a favourite drink since my visit to Tulum in Mexico) and their famous affogato with cookie dough ice cream.

Ob-La-Di is one of those spots that make me wish they opened a branch in Brussels. The atmosphere is laid-back, the food is delicious and coffee is perfection. If I had to complain about one thing, it would probably be the uncomfortable seating but all the other good stuff make up for it. Put this place in your Paris itinerary, have the veggie burger, thank me later!

Address: Rue de Saintonge 54, 75003 Paris, France
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