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If you follow the blog or my Instagram for a while, you already know that I love two things: brunch and dessert. And although I’m equally tempted by all kinds of desserts, there’s something special about ice cream that makes me very happy. That’s why I was ecstatic when I discovered Nanouk, a food truck specialised in artisanal ice cream made with natural ingredients and lots of love!

My first visit to the Nanouk food truck took place on a sunny Wednesday at the Chatelain market, where I had the chance to meet Christine, the lovely lady behind it all. Her story is a true inspiration as she left an established career in the corporate world and pursued her dream to become a professional ice cream maker. After following courses for a whole year and learning the art of ice cream making, Nanouk was born. As Christine explained to me, the name was inspired by the French film Nanouk L’Esqimau from the 1920’s and the French word “esqimau” which refers to an ice pop. Lovely story for a lovely concept, right?

Christine makes and sells the ice cream herself, which means she has absolute control over the quality of ingredients. No powder, preservatives or colouring – just fresh fruits, organic milk, cream and eggs to make real ice cream. The flavours change depending on the season and Christine’s inspiration and include both traditional and more unconventional ones, like Aperol Spritz, Mojito Pineapple and Cherry beer aka Kriek. My personal favourite is the lúcuma, which is based on a tropical Peruvian fruit that is very popular in South America. Its taste is rich and similar to vanilla, but much better – definitely something to try!

Nanouk can be found in various markets (Chatelain market on Wednesdays, Parvis de Saint-Gilles on Thursdays, Place des Chasseurs Ardennais on Fridays) and foodie events around Brussels, so keep an eye on its facebook page and their website.

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