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Mo Mo is one of the few Tibetan restaurants in town. Owned by Lhamo, a Tibetan expat in Brussels, Mo Mo was named after the traditional steamed buns made in the premises by Tibetan women who used to be political prisoners back in their country. A great initiative, if you ask me. 

Having never travelled to Tibet or tried Tibetan food before, I wanted to taste a little bit of everything and went for the lunch menu which includes a box of steamed organic vegetables seasoned with fresh herbs, a small soup and two momos, one filled with soja cheese and spinach and the other with meat. I also couldn’t resist treating myself to a cup of green tea which was beautifully presented in a cute little pot. The food was simple, yet delicious and the flavours quite different from other Asian cuisines. Not to mention the very reasonable prices!

Overall, I was charmed by Mo Mo’s hearty meal and welcoming atmosphere. Having said that, If you find yourselves around Chatelain looking for a light, affordable and healthy meal in an informal setting, this place is probably a good option. 

Address: Rue Defacqz 27 , 1050 Ixelles, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 5220968

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