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It’s no secret that Saint-Gilles in Brussels is full of foodie spots: APDM for bagels, Chez Momo for pizza and Merrily’s bakery for cupcakes! 

Merrily’s tea room and cupcake shop is located close to the Parvis de Saint-Gilles on a beautiful street with Art Nouveau buildings. Upon entering it’s obvious from the decor that this is no ordinary place: colorful, retro and fun it makes you happy just to be there. And then there’s the cupcakes! Almost too-pretty-to-eat, homemade, sweet cupcakes with fluffy buttercream icing that taste like heaven. It’s no coincidence my Instagram friends loved them so much too! 

Apart from the cupcakes that come in different flavor combinations (my favorite are the red velvet ones with vanilla frosting), Merrily’s Bakery makes a mean hazelnut latte – probably the best I’ve tried in Brussels so far. If you’re lucky enough to arrive early and grab one of the comfy armchairs in the entrance or a table in the small tea room you can enjoy your sweet treat (cookies, pies, cupcakes or homemade lemonade) at the premises. Otherwise you can just pop by and take away your favorite selection, including on Sundays

Address: Avenue Jean Volders 46, 1060 Brussels, Belgium

*UPDATE: Unfortunately, Merrily’s Bakery is now closed.*

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