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Ever since I started the blog I have been in search for the best burger spots in Brussels. My foodie research has been quite successful so far as I already have spotted my favourite burger joints in town but, naturally, I’m more than happy to discover new places that make it to my top list. When Manhattn’s opened, everyone was eager to try this promising spot on Avenue Louise. Admittedly, I was no exception but having seen the long queues, I waited for the buzz to calm down until I paid them a visit. 

Given that I’m the hangry type (i.e. get really impatient when craving food), I went for a rather late lunch to avoid the peak hours. The concept of Manhattn’s is evident from the moment you step in: an upscale fast food with industrial decor reminiscent of its counterparts in the Big Apple. The owners, two Belgian brothers who used to live in the US, did a pretty good job at bringing a little piece of NYC back to Brussels as the place is full of references to popular burgers joints overseas. Take the ordering process for example: once you place your order at the counter, you get a token that starts flashing when the food is ready for you to pick up.

The menu features a few classic burgers, including a vegetarian option, a couple of salads and sweet treats, like milkshakes, cookies and ice cream sandwiches. My burger was juicy and cooked exactly the way I requested, covered in melted cheese, fresh tomato and caramelised red onions. As for the buns, they were tasty but probably too soft as they got soggy quite quickly. I had my burger with a side of chips, which were really crispy but needed a bit more seasoning – I may be strict on this point but hey, we are in Belgium! Manhattn’s is reasonably priced considering the quality you get – the buns are homemade with virgin olive oil, the fries are hand-cut and the burger made with grass-fed matured beef. 

By the end of my meal I was really full and no more hangry. What I wasn’t very happy about though is that I was also smelling from head to toe like a burger myself – the joys of an open kitchen! All in all, I liked Manhattn’s. I have to be honest, I wasn’t blown away but it’s a good option if you’re looking for a decent burger or a quick meal around Avenue Louise, depending on your time of arrival of course.

Address: Avenue Louise 164, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
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