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I still remember the first time I visited Brussels. I was studying in Paris, so we decided together with some friends to hop on the train and spend a day discovering the city. Little did I know back then that a few years later I would return and experience Brussels in such wonderful ways! Naturally, one of the first things my friends and I did was to visit Maison Dandoy, a place that I keep going back to every so often.

Founded in 1829, Maison Dandoy is one of the most renowned Belgian brands and a true Brussels institution. Fun fact: the company is actually slightly older than Belgium itself! Its main specialty is speculoos, crunchy biscuits made with brown sugar and spices, one of the best things one can have when in Brussels. If you have a sweet tooth like me though, I’m sure you will appreciate many more of their baked goods! All their products are prepared in their atelier in Brussels and some are even based on original recipes dating back 180 years. Notice the traditional carved wooden moulds in the pictures below? They are still used for large speculoos biscuits, just like the old times.

Maison Dandoy is not hard to spot in Brussels. There are in fact several branches scattered around the city but the one on Rue Charles Buls is more spacious than the rest. The tea room on the second floor is great if you wish to relax and enjoy a waffle (another must-try when in Brussels). The more recent shop in Place Stephanie is also a favourite of mine as they offer a coffee & cookies combo to take away which works quite well considering it’s in the heart of one the biggest shopping areas in town.

Whether you’re curious to try the best speculoos, love sweets or are in search of a tasteful gift for your loved ones, Maison Dandoy is a good choice. They sure don’t come cheap but hey, they are “cookies that will love you back”!

Address: Rue au Beurre 31, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Telephone: +32 2 5402702
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